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Tarot is one of many metaphysical tools that enable us to look into our lives and find some extra information we hadn't really understood or known about before.

The 78 Tarot cards represent every element of life, every emotion we will experience, every lesson that needs to be learned, and every condition possible to know. The story the Tarot tells every time you receive a reading allows you to know more and gives you the decision-making edge extra knowledge can provide.

Your life path is a series of possibilities, branching off in one direction or another with each decision you make. A Tarot reading might suggest to you what could happen if you continue along a certain path, but it's up to you to take the responsibility of choosing your own direction, if you dare. What you do with what the cards show is up to you!

The Tarot can be a wonderful tool to help you get in touch with yourself. Instead of waiting passively for life to happen to you-reacting to events and emotions without fully understanding or appreciating what's going on around you-you can use theTarot to enhance your experience and active participation in the events and emotions of your life The Tarot is only one tool you can use to make your life decisions resonate closer to your heart's true desire. 

We undertake personal Tarot reading at our center . In case you are unable to come then you can also send us e-mail or call us to get the details of the reading procedure.
You could also take up a Tarot Reading Course with us. This is a Certification course where you would get equipped in reading the Tarot cards. 

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