Guided Meditation

CI Plus Meditation
A direct path to self realization, The Cosmic Intelligence Plus ( Ci Plus ), is an easy meditation technique and an advanced method of healing the self and others, CI PLUS technique is developed on the personal energy matrix discovered by each practitioner in his meditation.

CI PLUS explores energy healing….it is researched and developed further to heal at both the physical and psychosomatic levels, unleash the dormant energies within, liberate the body and mind of unproductive behavioral patterns, and thus allow the recipient to lead a more wholesome and complete life. CI PLUS is the divine cosmic grace, an immeasurable gift and a wonderful tool designed to help you develop conscious awareness, the very key to success and enlightenment. As with all wonderful things in life, CI PLUS must be experienced to be appreciated.

  • Exploit your potential to the full and scale the greatest heights possible.
  • Gain clarity on defining your personal, professional and spiritual goals.
  • Focus on your priorities, remain motivated and maintain overall balance.
  • Master the art of listening to your body and lead a healthier life.
  • Achieve success and enlightenment through cosmic awareness
  • Encourage you to practice daily acts of kindness.
  • Makes you pivotal in enriching the lives of others

The Benefits One Gets With The Practice Of CI PLUS meditation :

  • Re-establishes spiritual equilibrium and mental well being .
  • Balances the organs and glands and their bodily functions
  • Enhances personal awareness and strengthens intuition
  • Is an extremely holistic and pleasant method of healing
  • Re-establishes the lost connection with the oneness
  • Adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient
  • Treats symptoms and cause of illnesses
  • Promotes a state of total relaxation
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances the body ‘ s energies
  • Vitalizes body, mind and soul
  • Cleans the body of toxins
  • Promotes creativity
  • Relieves pain

Guided Meditations

Guided meditation is an extremely powerful way of eliciting change in your life, due to the nature of the way the brain works. A guided meditation can be an experience that is not only relaxing, but one that enhances your sense of self, that transforms your perspective in positive ways, and that inspires you to live your life to the fullest.In every guided meditation we do here, you are given a complete mind and body relaxation session. It’s an effortless and very enjoyable experience that results in deep relaxation, elimination of stress and a heightened appreciation of life. These meditations require no previous training or effort to enjoy.

Anyone can experience it with us at our Center. You do not require any previous training.

  • Chakra Meditation
  • White Light Meditation
  • Meditation for mental and emotional healing
  • Meditation to open the energy centres
  • Meditation for Space cleansing
  • Meditation to develop psychic awareness
  • Full moon meditation ( on full moon only)
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