Connecting with Higher self

Life Purpose Identification
Do you know what your life purpose is? Are you searching for a clear, detailed idea about who you can and want to become? Your life purpose is what you are meant to take with you from this life — what you want to experience, understand or learn. Discovering it creates a lifetime filled with meaning, joy, clarity and centeredness.

Life purpose is the state of consciousness we all yearn to inhabit, aligning the “I am” with determining what you must “do”. Guiding us from an ineffective external approach to a focus towards your true inner self. A feeling of I am living a life worth living, which is ultimately needed to create happiness within. A life purpose is a simple statement of the reason you exist, the purpose behind you living now on this planet. It is the reason you came into being and the way you will decide if your life was worth it.

While a life calling focuses on what you will do and become … your life purpose speaks to what you will take from this life … what you came here to experience, learn and understand.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back from the very things we want to find most … often because we fear how it will change us.Finding answers to life’s Biggest questions can be scary … partly because once you find an answer, now you know what you want to do with your life … and that can give you a whole new perspective on your life.

Given all this, it might seem like a hard thing to do, but it is not that hard to discover what your life purpose is. Why? Because your life purpose is hiding right beneath the surface of your life. Like a golden thread it snakes between the major events of your life and opens windows of opportunity.

Creating Sacred Space

In these challenging times when so much of our external lives is stressed and precarious, it is more than ever essential to make our homes into oases of joy, peace and sacred inspiration. Creating a sacred space is like giving yourself a loving embrace from the cosmos. It’s a way of both loving ourselves and honouring the divinity that flows through all things. Our personal sacred space can be like a sanctuary to help us realign with higher consciousness, whenever we lose touch. It is somewhere that reminds us of our innate spiritual nature, resounding a vibration that takes us back to our divine beingness. It’s amazing how quickly we can flow back to divinity, if we lovingly tend a space for that very purpose. It can become a highly charged portal to the divine. Can something so divine be so simple? It can indeed. Creating a sacred space isn’t complicated at all. This special course is designed to help you create your sacred space where you feel strongly anchored and peaceful. Enjoy your conscious creation with us!

Connecting With Higher Self

Your higher self is you. You in the ether. Your higher self is the real you, your total soul consciousness. The you that is living here on Earth is just a projection of the consciousness of your higher self. Your higher self is the more complete you, the one that isn’t being frustrated by the veil that draws down upon us when we incarnate that causes us to forget where we came from. This program is specifically designed to introduce you to your higher self and contacting with it. Alignment with the higher Self feels different for each individual, but the result is the same. You know you are in alignment when your heart feels open and your body feels as good as it gets.

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