Reiki For Children (Magic Hands)

This course is exclusively designed for children below 10 years and we call it ‘MAGIC HANDS’. This is Reiki Level I for children and this training for children is imparted FREE OF COST.

Reiki is Bliss and to teach Reiki, even more Blissful ….it becomes altogether different and magical when Reiki is taught to children who are the pure channels. I’m in awe when I see children learning Reiki…….they don’t have any barrier and hence they channel this energy very nicely. They don’t put logic, they do not analyze, they simply do, they innocently trust and strongly believe. And this faith helps them move forward, heal themselves and others.

Learn Reiki To

    • Heal yourself
  • Heal your family and friends
  • Align with your higher-self.

Reiki Healing Sessions (One To One And Distant) Can Help To

  • Reduce pain in neck, shoulders, hands, knees
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce chronic pain and illness
  • Improve relationships
  • Promote health and well-being
  • Reduce headaches

We provide Reiki one-to-one healing sessions and Reiki Distant healing. For those interested to learn Reiki, we have Certification programs for Reiki Level I, II and III.

Karuna Reiki class is for anyone who has had the Reiki Master Training.

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