Moksha-Pata- Readings

Moksha Pata Readings – a dice game from ancient India, was invented by the Hindu sages. It was meant to teach the spiritual path to moksha, which is liberation from reincarnation. This game of divination was also used to guide people who were afflicted by samsara.

The ‘Pata’ (Board) symbolizes a spiritual philosophy along with numbers. It signifies the knowledge of moral and spiritual teaching which is symbolically inscribed on it. The teachings are related to the theory of Karma. Its different stages, good and bad, are the teaching of spirituality and philosophical life of human beings.

In a universe of infinite dimensions, every point is the absolute center. You are such a point. Misfortune and sorrow is often the soul’s last resort in moving a person closer to the right path. And who is to say what a misfortune truly is? The soul’s path is not easy to describe, and rarely simple to resolve. But we try.

Pata Reader maneuvers through this board and get answers / guidance for day to day issues, unravels the vedic wisdom to contemplate on problems that are created by the cycle of destiny.

  • What Soul Lessons have you chosen and how are they affecting you today?
  • Why do things in your life happen the way that they do & what can you do to change things
  • Learn how to deal with repeating old karmic patterns.?
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