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Our Products

Just to take our healing work a step forward, we are offering a range of healing products which give a soothing effect to the mind, body and spirit. We have a range of healing gemstones- raw chunks, tumbles, cabulated stones, pyramids, crystal clusters, generators, obelisks, eggs, spheres/ balls, wands, chakra stones, pendulums, pendants, necklaces, bracelets. These not only keep your body in balance but also increases positivity and disperses the negativity. You can order these directly from us by sending us request

You can also connect to us at . We have a range of crystals displayed here..You can also send us query about the problems/ issues that are blocking you somewhere to lead an abundant life. We also help you to move forward with our remedial help formulas.

At our Center, with utmost love and care, we make Crystal Elixirs and Aura Sprays. These are infused with all Angelic & Reiki energies, Divine loving vibrations and the sacred vibrations of healing mantras. These have immediate positive effect on the Auric level. These sprays balance the chakras and disperse all negativity from the Aura within seconds. These can also be used for various space settings, wherever you feel the energy is negative or stagnant.

We create beautiful Mandalas for your home, office and any other space setting for a specific purpose. These Mandala drawings come in different sizes. These Mandalas are not the mere drawings but these are the powerful energy centres which can fill up any space with abundance, love and harmony. Thereby bringing happiness and peace into your lives. Making Mandalas require a lot of energy and concentration. A Mandala takes around 20-22 days before it is activated and complete. So you have to be patient as it is not the usual product that you purchase but a unique TALISMAN enough to bring good luck, prosperity and happiness for you. It is prepared with lots of loving intention and focus, afterwards infused with sacred energy to activate it. While placing your request for Mandalas, please mention the requirements clearly and the required size too. We'll revert back then with full details.


Aura Sprays

These wonderfully scented Aura Sprays disperse all the negative energy from your auric field and aligns all your chakras within seconds.These shield your Aura so that no negative energy could harm you.

Our Range of Aura Sprays have been prepared at our Center with utmost care. These have been uplifted with Gem essences, Reiki energy, Mantras, Sacred Symbols and Essential oils. 

Other Aura Sprays that are available:

  • Room & Space Clearing Spray
  • Grounding Spray
  • Confidence/Self Esteem Spray
  • Clarity and Focus Spray
  • Sleep Spray

At our Center we give Aura Cleansing sessions to give you a boost in your energy levels, to help you get rid of the accumulated negativity and for your good health and well being.

We also prepare Sprays keeping in mind your issues and problems. So if you have anything specific that needs healing, do post it at


Healing Gemstones


The use of crystals for meditation, healing, and transformation has experienced a renaissance during the past few decades. Crystals grow in darkness, and become incredible channels for light and clarity upon emergence into the world. Each has its own individual characteristics and qualities, although emanating from a common matrix and latticework. The crystal lattice has an ability to store, reproduce, amplify, harmonize, and radiate electromagnetic forces.

Crystals can be energized for specific purposes. This process utilizes the electromagnetic properties of human thought to imprint and enhance energy patterns within the crystal lattice. It is then ready to act as a tool to generate power, catalyze healing and transformation, and radiate love, peace, and harmony.

We have a decent collection of all types of gemstones in various forms and shapes ( balls, eggs, tubles, cabulated stones, generators, laser wands, vogel wands, chakra wands, hearts, pyramids, bracelets, japa malas etc). All these are fully cleansed, charged and infused with vibrant Angelic, Reiki energies to give positivity, abundance, health and prosperity.

To read about various kinds of gemstones and to purchase them from us you can visit us at 

Alternatively, you can also send us an enquiry at


Working With Mandalas

The word Mandala comes from the classical Sanskrit Language. It is made up of the words MAND, meaning 'to mark off', and LA , meaning circle or sacred centre. Sometimes 'mandala' is translated as 'essence container', a phrase that hints at its psychological and mystical meanings. The Mandala is a symbol of wholeness that can be found in cultures around the world. These symbolic diagrams reflect symmetry of natural forms, the cycle of time and the circle of community.

Mandalas are circular designs that reflect the wholeness of the person creating them. According to Carl Jung (pronounced Yoong) " a mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self" 

Carl Jung explored the psychological meaning of mandalas. He saw mandalas as symbolic of the inner process by which individuals grow toward fulfilling their potential for wholeness. In the mandalas created by his patients, Jung saw a natural process of generating and resolving inner conflicts that brings about greater complexity, harmony, and stability in the personality. Mandalas are important indicators of the process of personal growth that moves you toward fulfilling your particular identity and purpose in life.

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