Healing Gemstones

The use of crystals for meditation, healing, and transformation has experienced a renaissance during the past few decades. Crystals grow in darkness, and become incredible channels for light and clarity upon emergence into the world. Each has its own individual characteristics and qualities, although emanating from a common matrix and latticework. The crystal lattice has an ability to store, reproduce, amplify, harmonize, and radiate electromagnetic forces.

Crystals can be energized for specific purposes. This process utilizes the electromagnetic properties of human thought to imprint and enhance energy patterns within the crystal lattice. It is then ready to act as a tool to generate power, catalyze healing and transformation, and radiate love, peace, and harmony.

We have a decent collection of all types of gemstones in various forms and shapes ( balls, eggs, tubles, cabulated stones, generators, laser wands, vogel wands, chakra wands, hearts, pyramids, bracelets, japa malas etc). All these are fully cleansed, charged and infused with vibrant Angelic, Reiki energies to give positivity, abundance, health and prosperity.

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