Aura Sprays

These wonderfully scented Aura Sprays disperse all the negative energy from your auric field and aligns all your chakras within seconds.These shield your Aura so that no negative energy could harm you.

Our Range of Aura Sprays have been prepared at our Center with utmost care. These have been uplifted with Gem essences, Reiki energy, Mantras, Sacred Symbols and Essential oils.

Other Aura Sprays that are available:
  • Room & Space Clearing Spray
  • Grounding Spray
  • Confidence/Self Esteem Spray
  • Clarity and Focus Spray
  • Sleep Spray

At our Center we give Aura Cleansing sessions to give you a boost in your energy levels, to help you get rid of the accumulated negativity and for your good health and well being.

We also prepare Sprays keeping in mind your issues and problems. So if you have anything specific that needs healing, do post it at
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